Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The first entry... my general view of this thing...

Alright, so I'm going this route for a few reasons. 1. I want to keep it loose 2. I'm sorta feeling the whole deal of being between worlds will be a good topic for this blog. 3. I want to talk about my main interests; music, society, personal development/growth. Showing these areas in the context that I'm...
  • First generation U.S. born from a country oppressed by the U.S.
  • First generation college student from working class
  • Brown Albino
  • Socially Conscious and responsible with a tendency to deviate
  • A shy extrovert
  • Bilingual
  • A B-boy working for the man
  • An aspiring producer/dj/musician
  • An educator that knows school is a lie
  • A laid back Alpha Male
See what I mean? So check me out!!!


dcsophistodee said...

and welcome to the world of blogging :)

D.J. WON said...

blog your ass off sir