Tuesday, April 8, 2008

my favorite moments...

  • “The Crew” era, with Yams, Lisy, Vilma, Anabel, Luis, Leslo, Stef, Alex, et al. We had nothing to lose and living life. I never felt I belonged in college and many of us probably felt the same way.
  • Buzz Era: 1. Seeing Roni Size at my first rave ever 2. Carl Cox and DJ Hype with Yams 3. Roni Size and Reprazent at the 9:30 club with Yamir, Mia, and all of us together. 4. DJ SS and Warren G with Lourdes, Yamir, and Helena… the vibe was probably the best ever at the moment when all of us were dancing all crammed up.
  • Those parties grandma used to throw in her apartment… it was there where all the neighbors came; my dad’s family came through, the random family members showing up (Daniel when he was born, Calin, etc.).
  • Seeing grandma throw down on the old rock n’ roll records.
  • Irene when she was a baby
  • Making Mia smile when I acted silly for her, she always gave a look like she didn’t know what to do with me!!
  • Seeing the older famz play 31 or Bingo
  • Those little brother/sister moments I have with Vilma when we are out with the group.
  • My 4th date with Linda… It was the vibe of driving down a summer night with the windows down blasting salsa.
  • Seeing my mom happy and joking around
  • Having JoeNice hit me up on myspace and asking for my dub.
  • Having a beer with Luis and Yams

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