Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bo Diddley Passes Away...

Rock and Roll pioneer Bo Diddley passed away on June 2, 2008. For my own musical tastes... I'm just as a much a fan of music as generators of subcultural (and later cultural) manifestations and products. Bo Diddley represented to me one of the many long-lasting prototypes of Rock and Roll. His style and presentation set a standard for eccentrics and cool folks for years to come. Musically, I appreciated his use of 'weird' sounds/tuning and strong use of rhythm. But how am i any different from about anyone else who has written about him?

All I know is that he rocked, and did for music and culture things that not many of use can fathom... that is power, that is strength... musically speaking, I don't want to be the guy in the front of the line, but that interesting guy sippin a drink and chatting in my own little conversation with just a couple of folks towards the back of the room. Bo wasn't the top three listed as originators of Rock and Roll (that would be Little Richard, Fats Domino, and Chuck Berry), but his influence seems as strong, or even stronger, than any of them... just check out his dress and his use of noise below... he set it up for Elvis Costello, Can, Sonic Youth, and so forth... R.I.P. Bo!!

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