Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Juice visits Dan Amitai, RickyRicardo, Whighzeguy @ Skewers: 6/4/08

Dubstep in DC is a far and few between affair. It hasn't sunk as deep, but then again, Dubstep is global and with Dubstep Forum, Buzzlife Forum, Expansion Radio, Barefiles, Blackdown, and Rinse FM... I ain't too worried. But I don't get a chance to hear Dubstep in sounds bigger than my headphones or my speakers at work... so I had to come through to get a better listen, and give love to those who have been giving my dubs love... Large up to the DJ's for supporting me and my music and having the positive vibes of creating an inclusive community... cause DnB can be an elite bitch!
"While this was my order number... It's also how Dubstep rolls bitches!"

Overall, the vibe was pretty damn good, where folks were actually doing the 'club is too tight' dance by the end of the show! Dan opened it up with the eccentric vibes, throwing in everything, playing around with sounds, and intro'ing RickyRicardo and Whighzeguy with some dubstep towards the end. BTW... Skewers got some good food my friend!! And, I got a chance to try out them 2 dollar beers and good eats. With the small venue (I'm thinking 25 or so could fit with room for sound and equipment) it had an intimate vibe where folks were able to mingle, bug out, and build vibes.
"Comrade in crime Mukisa and random cutie showing me how to do an old school dance to dubstep"

RickyRicardo threw down a refreshing set of 2step. Minus the cheese, 2Step really bumps. I'm no journalist, so I can't name drop what was played and what-have-you, but it was that classic swing beat with the basslines a bit darker than your MJ Cole bass. It brought so much energy and nostalgia, as I remember going to Buzz to see Zed Bias, MJ Cole, and Starscape for Hatcha and Emma Feline.. that shit was so refreshing and had that bump that DnB was starting to lose out by 2000. So, it was nice to hear them beats.
Top selecta DJ RickyRicardo droppin' dat 2k swing... enta selecta!!! [Above] Whighzeguy wit dem skankin vibes [below]

Finishing it off was Whighzeguy. After hearing his sets on Expansion Broadcast, which are (to me) on the more Distance metallic bass-sounds… he rolled out with more of the reggae/dancehall, DMZ, early Skream vibes that carry over to more ‘mainstream’ crowds. As most of us are fans of that anyway, I’m not complaining at all. It always gets crowds going, converts new folks, and gets energy going. Its like the ‘gateway’ vibes of dubstep… LOL!!

So nah, they didn't drop my tunes... but its all love regardless... RickyRicardo did play out "Block Rocker" and his fav of my current stash, "No Refix" on Podcast 83 no. 3 of Expansion Broadcast earlier last week... download it here. Or off the page here.


Matty G - "Bitter Love" - Argon
Darqwan - "Rob 17" - Texture
D1 - "Instep" - Tempa
Digital Mystikz - "Misty Winter" - Soul Jazz
Silkie - "Illegal Immigrant" - Anti Social Entertainment
Rusko - "Lion's Paw" - Sub Soldiers
Ill Selection - "Block Rocker" - Dub
Skream - "Shake It" - Tempa
Roomate Moksha - "Half Computer" - Aleutian Audio
Cyrus - "Redrum" - Random Trio
Headhunter - "Locus Lotus" - Tempa
2562 - "Kameleon" - Tectonic
Digital Mystikz - "Conference" - Soul Jazz
Kromestar - "Focuz" - Dub Police
Harry Ransom - "Dusker" - Dub
Cotti Cluekid - "Flashback" - Not on Label
Ruf - "Want Some Crack?" - Kraken Recordings
Jakes - "3kout" - Hench Recordings
* Break *
Re:Jazz - "Donaueschingen (Swell Session Remake)" - INFRACom!
Skream - "Dubbers Anonymous" - Tempa
Omen - "Rise (N-type Remix)" - Terrain
Darqwan - "Ghost Not Memory" - Planet Mu
Distance - "Night Vision" - Planet Mu
Ill Selection - "No Refix" - Dub
Headhunter - "7th Curse" - Ascension
Kromestar - "Serial Killers" - Kromestar Recordings
Droid - "Dubby Rock" - Fantastic 3
DJG - "Shadow Skanking" - NarcoHz
Caspa - "4 The Kids" - Dub Police
Plastician - "Unhappy Shopper"
Digital Mystikz - "Pathways" - Big Apple
Scuba - "Sleepa" - Scuba
Ital Tek - "Deep Pools" - Square Recordings
Juju - "Red Up (Pinch Remix)" - NarcoHz
Conquest - "Mirage" - Anti Social Entertainment
Terror Danjah feat. Shola Ama - "With U" - Aftershock


Dan Amitai said...

hey thanks for the love hugo. btw I will play your tracks if you give them to me!!!

adrian said...


Mukisa said...

'twas good times, indeed. we need to get together again, hugo. the break in between that time and the last time was too long - hahah. hiyo.