Saturday, June 28, 2008

Select Dubs 1: A dubstep mix by ill.selection

Download here: Selected Dubs 1: ill.selection

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present to you All original tracks produced by myself (copyright 2008 ya sukaz!!). A 1 hour mix using Ableton Live. You can play or download the mix at the top of this page.

Some context about the tape... It pretty much sums up my first attempts at Dubstep and learning how to produce. My approach to production is to keep it 'human' by leaving some mistakes in the tracks and arrangements. I like to think of it as rooted in hip-hop as far as sounds, samples and arrangements versus straight metal/electronic timbres. So, it doesn't sound like most stuff you hear. To be honest, I really can't control that, cause when i try to emulate similar pads and basses, it never comes out right. I can't help but be myself.

If you want a tracked version instead of this full 56 minutes let me know.

I Need You Dub 0:00
Wanderer 2:21
Bounce Riddim 5:02
Old Love Dub 6:24
Dread Stomp 8:57
Now Hear This 11:45
Block Rocker 14:52
No Refix 17:16
3am Street Sweeper 21:02
Switch Up Dub 23:47
Love's Lament 27:26
Flutes and More 30:16
King's Entrance 33:23
Pastime Dub for Stevie 36:35
Drunken Interlude 38:52
No Wobble Dub 42:17
Sloth and Chunk 45:43
You Don't Love Me 48:17
Scorned Refix 51:53

Thank you all for downloading/listening and reading this. Please let me know what you think cause while this music is a function of personal expression, we are communal people and music is designed to communicate. I'd like to hear what you think...


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