Monday, August 11, 2008

Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac... RIP

"Walk On By" happens to be one of my top five songs in a desert island list. Its strings, its chunky groove and its crescendo is absolutely amazing. From the arrangements, to the funk of it... its absolute killer... When i first heard it off the "Dead Presidents" soundtack, it just blew me away, the song soared with its lifts and drops. My appreciation was definitely confirmed when MF DOOM used it to stunning effect on "Dead Bent".. .I think one of the best refixes of all time.

Bernie Mac came about, at least to me, in that early 90's era of young Black comedic talent that shaped a lot of my youth and understanding of life. It was him, Robin Harris (RIP), Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Keenan Ivory Wayans, and so many others that gave me someone on screen that I could relate to. Its funny, cause their take on social life and politics carried more resonance with me than many of the Latino comedians who I saw at the time too (John Leguizamo, he was one of the better ones, but his strong NYC angle and PR roots made him somewhat inaccessible... But George Lopez is straight killer!!). This routine has straight influences from Richard Pryor, and even Rodney Dangerfield... but with a chorus (which he uses about three times) that moves this piece from just a show, to a musical composition.

So, here we are... RIP gentlemen and thank you!

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