Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random update of non-consequence, and Cumbia

Yes, I've been slacking on producing anything of original substance on this blog thing for a while. Being that I got laid off from a job, am seeing someone, and dealing with a heap load of issues that have been around since lord knows when... I've been kinda busy... but as of late, this is what is in store.

1. About 4 new mixes I'm working on
2. "Guest bloggers"
3. Finding a job
4. Production all around
5. Merging my news rants from FB to the blog..
6. Contemplating to make the news rants into a second blog...

So there you go....But on the music front... I've been noticing more attention has been made to Cumbia lately... Diplo's Mad Decent Podcast featured a Cumbia mix... and Fader just passed this cool looking Cumbia blog along as well.

I remember us Salvadorans used to get hated on for liking Cumbia... and here we are... go figure.

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