Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And who's cool... (2)

This guy... Curren$y

Its crisp productions, good delivery, pretty catchy.. I don't mind this dude talking about money and ho's, because he does it well... Which brings me to my biggest beef about radio hip-hop... all these "its just my hustle" rappers pretty much remove any element of artistry from the music. When authenticity surpasses the elements of music that make it worth listening to, (uhhh,, its actually musical in some way) then what is the point of listening to someone show off their code words, drop names like a DC sophisto, and walk around putting pretty expensive shit all of your ugly ass face.

Which brings me to my beeef with "Indie" or "True School" hip hop... (the other side of the coin). All these "...this is a definition of a REAL MC"... c'mon!! how boring is that angle? And honestly, as someone who has grown up during the 'golden era'... I am pretty much fed up with folks using old dirty samples if they are not done well. I enjoy folks who reapprpriate old school isms (Cool Kids, Kids in the Hall for instance). But I also appreciate new directions in production and instrumentals (Flying Lotus, Samyian, Dorian Concept). The part that is blowing my mind about hip hop (or maybe my own taste) is the fact that there are good MC's, but they are so riddled with too many lame ass subject matter, flows, or rhymes, that it becomes too lame to find them out.

When ya'll come through my radar, then I'll take a listen.

Black Milk
Cool Kids
RA Rugged Man
Jean Grae
Andre 3000
Lil Wayne (yeah... I can't lie)
Jay Electronica

Flying Lotus
Dorian Concept
Jay Electronica
Black Milk
J Dilla

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