Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The District - Washington DC's Dubstep Sounds (compliation)

The District: Washington DC's Dubstep Sounds is a mix CD showcasing dubstep producers from the Baltimore/Washington metro area.

Track list
  1. Boh! Finley vs. retrospect – “Low Endtro” (edit)
  2. Robert Axios – “Back in Tha Day” (VIP)
  3. Jukata – “The Burning”
  4. Heider – “131 Lords”
  5. Quannum Logic – “Kong”
  6. Spartan – “Pitfall”
  7. Pompende – (untitled) vs. retrospect – “Capitol Gain” (a capella)
  8. Hubsmoke – “Feed The Rich to The Poor”
  9. Aligning Minds – “Gate Torch”
  10. Ill.Selection – “No Refix (No No No)”
  11. Harry Ransom – “With You”
  12. Amitai & Case – “Cairo Decks” ( VIP)
  13. SUNe MC – “Ha Ha Ha” (dub)
  14. The Jiffy Squid Transition – “This is DubCtep”
This mix features my own tune.. (track 10 people!!) Big up Amitai for putting the effort and love into it. Also largin up the other producers for their contributions. The cover is sick, and I'm really honored and blessed to be a part of a bunch of folks who love music.

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Andrew said...

dead link, any idea where I can get a copy?