Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My thoughts on the Salvadoran elections and its coverage...

I haven't posted a 'societal' piece in a while... so here is one from my Facebook
As a Salvadoran-Guatemalan-American, I understand that this is a touchy subject. We see the results of this election and can't help but recognize that all of us have been affected by one of the most painful and scary set of events in human history. I am ironically proud and curious as to how much our country has impacted the world in such a unique and different way. Our people have changed the American landsacape, we have been the subject of global focus and carry an economic power that is underrecognized, yet felt. In developed nations, we are so put down and undermined, yet we have affected first world nations in so many ways. Its absolutely beautiful that our human capital, our determination, struggle, and our continuous survival has kept us around. I'm proud that my mother and family are Salvadoran. We take pride in measures that are not seen by others. We carry rewards and beauty not recognized by the ignorant and I'm eternally blessed for that.

Unfortunately, I think we fall victim to this historically grounded dichotomous view of ourselves. Our country is split into these 'leftist-communist', 'rightist-fascist' camps. There is the oligarchy, and then the rest of us... there is the rich and then the poor. There are so many polarizing angles that we view ourselves that we become blind to the fact that we are sharing the same space, that we come from the same mothers and fathers of history and ancestry, and that we are obligated to work together because we do share this space. Many of us fall victims to ideology that was designed by others, and applied unto ourselves.

I understand that is is a very tense moment, but I ask each of us to look at each other as Salvadorans, to look at each other as brothers and sisters, to see that my work affects your work, and your happiness affects my happiness. Ask yourselves why is there such a give and take mentality?

My only biased pitch to make is to look at the fact that this election is different from the past. That it does bring newness and potential, a fear for some and an optimism for others. Lets take advantage of that and work together for positive growth that can be shared and benefited by all. I don't know if that is too unreasonable. But its during moments of change that can bring about new ideas. The media constantly paints this election and its results in the worst way... falling into our tragic flaw of putting words and ideologies in front of humanity. I pray that we understand that in the end, each of us want to be happy... and I hope we can work together to make that possible.

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