Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Updates and Resident Advisor Winter Music Conference Review

So amongst the various projects and dealings with being unemployed, I've been slacking a bit with updates over here. But, to keep you company, here is respected online magazine Resident Advisor's review of the entire 2009 Winter Music Conference.

During much of this time, I've been reading all about DC unemployment policies, working on a very overdue House and Disco mix and working on new tracks for my upcoming ill.selection showcase. A few of these new specimens can be found on my myspace. But let me tell you, the stuff thats siting in my computer has shaped itself up quite nicely, with more structured arrangements, multiple layers of low, mid and highs... and a dabble into pads and strings... not my usual, but its still heavily rhythmic. I'm still coming up with a title for the mix as I've been listening to some sets and tracks recently and I've been noting how vibes have been influenced by Funky and having tracks move towards more percussive angles... but with the recent Blackdown article on Pitchfork showing off the new school half-step... I'm looking forward to that too.

And after vibing off local DC Producers... I must say that I think my beats come from a VERRYY far off place in comparison to the rest of the lot. Which is not a bad thing at all for either them or I... but it has influenced my beats to be 'anti' of what I'm thinking is the vibe of the moment for DC Dubstep, which has made up of a handful of producers (mostly DnB heads) with a tendency for atmosphereics, metalics, Distance-like techy angles. (examples here and here) I fancy myself towards sounds of a rhythmic propulsion... which is what i dug about Jungle/DnB to begin with.

I also appreciate the fact that my friends, who are not into EDM in any way shape or form, dig my tunes and get turned off by the more traditional beats. :P

Anywho... big up to all yall, blah blah blah and that whole mess.

"ill.selection's Rhythm Driven Mix" maybe????

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