Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ill.selection "Grown and Sexy in Outer Space" downtempo mixtape

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The Ill.selection neo-downtempo mixtape

This tape is a collection of third-stream soulful instrumentals and vocal tracks for a new school audience. These beats are drenched in Sun-Ra/Mothership Connection Black cosmic vibes, golden-era Hip Hop approaches, and 80’s R&B. For this mix, I drew tracks that are throwbacks to synthesizer driven funk, 80’s electronic samples, atmospherics, and crunchy R&B handclaps. If this were a club, it’d be “grown and sexy meets outer space”, atmosphere music with soul.


Tides – Arovane
Spotted – Heralds of Change (Neve Mix)
Two Hour Power – Dorian Concept
Flying Like Leon – Skymark
Glorious – Sa-Ra Creative Partners
RobertaFlak – Flying Lotus feat. Dolly
Sledgehammer – Invincible
Inside – Flako
Floatin’ – Stacy Epps
Smut Cut – Hubert Daviz
Summertime – Last Order
Glass Bottom Boat – Siah and Yeshua Dapo Ed
Dimension X – Powell
Plaqueta & Baldosa (20 Caixas)– Mweslee
Paper Thin – Tanya Morgan feat. Jermiside
Why I Love You – Prefuse 73
Carbon Leaf – METALFACE
Twinkle – Erykah Badu
Lightworks – J Dilla
Ice is the Silent Language – 1000 Names
Queens Gets the Money - NaS

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