Tuesday, June 9, 2009

ill.selection dropped on EXBC Radio with Amitai

Amitai again shows me some love by featuring "Switch Up (Swagger Mix)" on Expansion Broadcast #153 part 1 which you can catch here.

Homie comes through yet again with some ill track selections and sweet mixing. I'm a big fan as its a smooth mixing style, but yet not, as his approach puts the role of the DJ in a more human touch... not trying to simply crossfade, I'm always a fan of DJ's putting some work in with cuts, scratches, mixes, and blends that says "I'm here motherfuckers, and I'm making this shit happen fro you to fucking dance!!" Reminds me of DJ SS back in the day dropping shit quick and fast rough and ready.

So here is the tracklisting... I'm absolutely honored my tune transitioned toward the more breakbeat jungle bizzness, puts me in my place and next to my true love Jungle...

Track Listing

1. Calibre - Hard Times
2. Akira vs. T-Ak - Oceanic
3. Utah Saints - Something Good (HC remix)
4. Joe Tex - I Gotcha
5. State of Mind vs. Chris SU - Flawless (Sigma remix)
6. Santogold - Unstoppable (Calculon & Eric Yo! bootleg)
7. Electric Six - Gay Bar
8. Electric Six vs. Dillinja - Armoured Gay Bar (Datashat remix)
9. Future Signal - Kill Switch
10. Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum remix)
11. Prodigy - Voodoo People (original mix remastered)
12. Benga - One Million
13. Reso - If Ya Can’t Beat Em
14. Richie August - Blood Lust
15. Caspa - Floor Dem
16. 2562 - Kontrol
17. TLC - Silly Ho
18. Benga - Crunked Up
19. Sick Rebel - Lion
20. ill.selection - Switch Up (Swagger mix)
21. Subtropic - Red Hot Rivets
22. Ratpack - Tralala Boom (Jungle edit)
23. DMD and The Bonemen - Sweet Vibrations
24. A.D.O.R. - One For The Trouble (a capella)
25. Channel 2 - Youth Today
26. Drunken Masters- Kill Bill
27. Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah (a capella)
28. Burner Bros - Where I Want You (Subsonik remix)
29. Beastie Boys - Sabotage
30. Burner Bros - Where I want You (Subsonik remix) reload

If you want to check out the entire EXBC crew doing their thing, check it here

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