Monday, July 20, 2009

Heart and Prayers to Adam Yauch (aka MCA)

My prayers go out to Adam Yauch (MCA) as he is now dealing with cancer... full details are found here

He is one of my heroes and definitely a major influence as part of the beastie boys. What I appreciated the most of MCA was the grity yet smooth and timbre of his voice.. it was nasal and grimey all day. As a band, they were always progressive and ahead of the pack, with tracks and albums FULL of ideas.. all that grounded with the true elements of Hip Hop never forgotten.. with their showmanship, DJ Mixmaster Mike, and inventing various themes of Hip Hop topics (they were one of the first to do exaggerated gun-talk). Their influence is still felt as they rode the 808 back in 85 as much as folks ar riding it today.


Cindy Juarez Bustillo said...

Anytime I hear people diagnosed with cancer, my heart goes out to them. Partly because my Tia died from pancreatic cancer, and partly because its gotta be so difficult.

But its especially touching when its someone you feel that you know because of their music. Interestingly enough, I was JUST thinking (randomly) about the beastie boys last night.

hugonajera said...

thanks Cindy, cancer is definitely a familiar enemy with many of my family members. I'm also with you that when folks you look up to, in particular people who were around during your formative years, all of sudden become 'vulnerable'... I'm putting that in quotes as we know there is much strength to deal with something such as cancer.