Monday, August 3, 2009

Now available - ill.selection on EXBC Radio (EXBC 164)

This is my mix of dubstep, funky, and original ill.selection tracks that I did for Expansion Broadcast internet radio. Much respect to the folks at EXBC for supporting local music and allowing me to be heard by over 800 folks through their podcast. I would say this mix starts off with some upbeat dubstep that captures the vibes of the moment of cross pollination from other genres such as Funky and Hardcore. Then I move towards a Funky set, and finally slide into some more brooding sounds and end it with 2-Step flavors.

EXBC is made up from a bunch of DJs from the Baltimore/DC area... its a great chance to see a community of Electronic Dance Music folks get together and support one another. It feels good to be a part of something. So, I hope you enjoy.


Switch Up - Ill.selection
krdl-t-grv - Martyn
Coquine - Von D
Bad - Kode9 & LD
Elevated Level - Roska
Inflation - Crazy Cousinz
Acid Bells (Martyns Dark Mix) - Efdemin
Riddim Box - N.B Funky
Epilogue (Ramadanman Rerub) - F
No No No Refix - Ill.selection
Hoodies in Georgetown - Ill.selection
Colourful - Skream
Broken Beats - Dark Knight
Put You Down - TRG
Mosaix - Pangaea
Broadway G - Sully
Guitar Shuffle Forward - Ill.selection
Just Can't Stop - Ill.selection
Lizards - Brackles
Roots Sound - Ill.selection

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