Friday, August 21, 2009

Old School Drum & Bass Friday - I Kamanchi "Hold It Down" (2003)

A little saucy number by Die Krust and MC Tali. Very poppy tune with a nice smooth bass snyth. I see myself dancing in a universe where the Rave element of DnB was long since gone, I sip on Martinis instead of $12 Long Islands and my Jinco's are replaced with some saucy Diesel gear.

Too bad that never happened here in the U.S. DnB would've probably made more sense and caught on with some pop cred, especially with tunes like these.

BTW.,.. I notice I have been posting a lot of old music lately. I felt reassured yesterday when I read a piece on Madlib on Wire Magazine... I'm not the only one who just listens to old music. and Anyway, new music is my competition... let my sounds be first, and everyone else comes second!!

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