Thursday, September 10, 2009

Worldwide Liberation Sound Appendix A: UK Funky Cypher on Westwood TV

A pretty entertaining video of MC's from across time and genres all throwing down their party and battle bars over the top UK Funky DJ, Marcus Nasty.

The set features veteran UK Garage MCs, alongside Grime, Funky and Dubstep MC's doing their best to ride riddms. It's a good showcase of the relationship between MC's and DJ and the continuity among UK urban musical genres.

For us, its important to understand that House was Black music imported in the 80's. As ecstasy, UK cultures, and Hip Hop all came together, it created the Rave scene and subsequent urban musics such as Jungle, Speed Garage, 2 Step, Grime, Dubstep, and UK Funky. The shows host, Tim Westwood, came to fame as one of the first British DJ's to bring U.S. Hip Hop to the UK. So you see the circle of life in full effect here.

So what we are seeing is House music embraced all over again, with a slew of old and new influences passing through its DNA along the way. This is one manifestation.

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