Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kool Moe Dee v. Busy Bee... and the veil

Its just way to cool to come across these two pieces of tape from 81. Before listening, my image of Busy Bee was in Style Wars, and Kool Moe Dee was in cheesy rap tunes where he was acting too hard for his own good. But now I get a chance to see them in their natural element knocking each other over.

In comparison to their media appearances these clips show them with the energy and fury that I knew early 80's Hip Hop had but never got to see, alongside the breaks and DJ'ing that were pushed forward later on. But for all you connoisseurs, you know that the first presentations of Hip Hop hid the breaks, the real raps, and the curse words and anger for commercial crossover. So its mad refreshing to see this.

Whats even cooler is going back before this to old school Zulu Nation tapes and checkign out Jazzy Jay and Bambaattaa right when the genre was in its germination stage and closely connected to Reggae soundsystem culture.

BTW... Kool Moe Dee MURDERED Busy Bee!!

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