Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Street Pupusas #1 - interpreting pics taken from my travels

Upon many a walk, travels and adventures, I'd bump into things that grab at me in a unique way. So, i want to share some of these. I really don't know what 'genre' this is, if it's a social critique, a joke, a waste of time... but there are social-isms related to these pics and they did affect me. Plus I chose them because they touch upon norms, contexts, and constructs of society and culture in their own and special way.. This is the first installment of many, so here you go!

Came upon this in Silver Spring... its just total badass and doubles up as how Afrika HAS been self defense in a spiritual way for many peoples here... there are too many meanings and interpretations to list at the moment, but I'll let you figure it out.

Ok, this was funny as they are trying to lookout for folks who use wheelchairs, yet they are called handicapped... yes yes.. I know the sign must've been there for years when it was socially acceptable... but thats the point. The sentiment is still there, the names have changed. Yet the value fo the name is dramatically different, leaving a legacy of irony behind. This was in Jim's Cheesesteaks in South Street, Philadelphia, PA

WHEAT'N BOULEVARD REPRESENT REPRESENT!! This place has joined my neighborhood of spiritual homes alongside Adams Morgan, Philadelphia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Miami, and London

I had a brief fascination with the conversations amongst the art, punk, no wave, and hip hop scenes in the early 80's New York... somehow Fab 5 Freddy has risen as the luminary catalyst. So, this appeared in the background of a scene in Style Wars where "Zoro" was taken by Fab 5 to the uptown art scene party, and I came upon it at the Hirshorn in DC... a very early prediction of the soon to be manifested relationship of Hip Hop with mainstream and predominantly white culture

This is posted because this dude just... doesn't... give... a... fuck!! Much respect! I really respect folks who are living ghosts and just do themselves without a sense of care for the norms of the day.. This is very different from other 'tribes' such as goths, punks, hip-hoppers, ravers, bohemians, and hipsters who claim to be free from social norms, but they themselves carry norms and qualifiers for inclusion. This is in South Street, Philadelphia, PA

As an east-coast Latino/Salvadoran/Guatemalan/Gringo/American I was really happy to see this at a local grocery store in DC. Progress has been made when multiple Latinidades are presented in their glory as a food aisle.

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