Thursday, December 10, 2009

Esstential 2-Step

It comes at you with this almost heavenly intro, the 'with little bit of luck' line makes it both depressing and cheesy. But as soon as that bad bassline comes in, there is this smooth ride that makes you feel all good inside.

Nice beat programming that reminds me of Bell Biv Devoe's "Poison". The blend of ragga with house vocals adds depth. the low-low-upupup bassline is way too bubblin.

There is something very 'outerspace' about this tune with the pitched up vocal. I'm thinking Burial likes this tune. That second verse with the 'sleepless' night really packs an emotional punch and puts it all in place. Tracy Chapman maybe?

Whoa, what a great pairing of vocal with bassline, as her vindictive shots are supplemented by physical bass. Her chorus is amazing and as it drops back down to the organ it just goes all nuts at that point... sweet!

The relentless flow of Asher goes well with the mid-range stabs that just keep punching and punching. The break is rough enough too, so Asher smooths it out with his lava flow... rough!

Its that cheesiness that actually pays off.. Never heard such a literal translation from pop to 2-step of Soft Cell's cover of "Tainted Love".

Its one of the 4/4s that I really like. The snare and shuffle are what make it hot, its so sloppy and swings so hard that i can't help but dance.

I had to put en El-B and I went with this because of the bright key hits alongside Monie Love's angry flow, another example of mixing dark with bright in 2-step.

This one gives me the screwface...

This one just swings so hard... and them Stevie Wonder like keys are too nice!

The vocals are treated just like dub reggae... sprinkles throughout and you don't get tired of it...

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