Monday, November 29, 2010

My latest ill.selection mix - "Mike's Got Dat Bassface - A Dubstep Mix"

A recent trend of mine is making mixes with specific folks in mind. This one is for a cool buddy of mine, Mike Turner. He suggested I make a very aggro mix that might help draw folks who are on the Hip-Hop vibe to the ruff and tuff side of Dubstep. I tried to find as many tracks as I could but came up short as I didn't want to use Dubstep with blatant Hip Hop samples and references... but I went with what draws both genres IMO together, the sense of urban dread and chunky flow of pent up aggression and rage... I could've gone with the blatantly super-aggressive "Brostep" but decided not as it feels like the Clownstep was for DnB... a carbon copy x12 of what made sublow bass menacing to begin with...


Words – Trim
King Pin – The Others
Insanity – 501
Eye Tunes - Benga
The Sound - Cluekid
Solid State - Emalkay
Hard – Breakage feat. David Rodigan & Newham Generals
Panpipes – Benny Page & Zero G
Rise the Temperature – Cotti feat. Doctor
Next Hype - Tempz
E!0 Riddim (Police Ar Come Run) - Rossi B & Luca (feat. Killa P.)
Debt – Coki & N-Type
Stop Dat – Dizzie Rascal
Violence – Newham Generals
Acid – Terror Danjah
Liquid Dancehall - Zomby
Tron - Joker
The Boxer - Pinch
Rhythm - Jakes
Oskillatah - Skream
Get Down Low - Rusko
Think Ur Greezy – El-B feat. Ita
Supa Dupe – Newham Generals
Poison Dart - The Bug feat. Warrior Queen
Kingfisher - RSD
Surgery - Kromestar

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