Thursday, November 18, 2010

Worldwide Liberation Footwork - Chicago, DC, Angola, New York...

All types of Footwork dancing is the hottness right now thanks to the Chicago scene getting some media hype. Being that Washington DC is my hometown, I feel like there is some connection and representation to be made with Beat Yo Feet.... Along the way, we have the classic Hip Hop breakin that took hold back in the 70's to kinda of put it all under one roof. And, Angloan Kuduro dancing to take it across the Atlantic. Ultimately, this little showcase highlights the intertextuality and transnationalism among urban dance music of Black/African origin.

What I find beautiful is how young people can create such abstract and experimental art (in particular Footwork dance and music) to the point that it reminds me of Free Jazz, despite the stereotypes and being frowned upon by 'high class' people. And this showcase also aims to show folks that things have progressed since Breakin'... Enjoy...

Washington DC - Beat Yo Feet

Angloa - Kuduro

Chicago - Footwork

And New York - Breakin'

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