Friday, January 7, 2011

"Maya Talk" and "Rio Yañez" - Blogs I found in my search for Mayan Zombies

I do not know this person, but ran across her blog as I was looking for pictures of Mayan Zombies, my latest obsession in light of falling birds and dead fish all over the planet, in preparation for 2012, aka "The Queztalcoatl Comeback Special." Maya Talk runs quite closely to my view and image of forward-thinking cultural production that is grounded in the social and identity.

I wasn't able to find Mayan Zombies, but I did find Rio Yañez's blog where he shares a whole array of photography, pics, comics, and other forms of art that brings Latinidad and expression SOOO forward to the now. Check it out! I'm really glad I found folks doing future-forward and present expressions that follow the AmericanPupusa vibe!

Cesar Chavez Zombie, quite dope

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