Friday, February 25, 2011

Cebrating 15 years of independent Hip Hop and the trigger happy genius- Duck Down Records

Very nice vid celebrating the trigger-happy genius that is Duck Down Records... word up son!

My favorite type of Hip Hop was of the ghetto/urban/yard bred social consciousness variety you usually find from the "Golden Era" of the mid to late 90s. It was that fine line of trying to figure out whether these cats saw the light, were talking guntalk, or were just being conspiracy theorists. That confusion of multiple intelligence really grabbed me as a child of immigrants: being the first in school and feeling quite out of place and dumb, seeing social and cultural phenomena of discrimination that put me in a position of outsider power, and feeling quite misunderstood when I tried to relay these observations to friends, teachers, or parents. Listening to Buckshot, Smiff and Wesun, and Boot Camp Clk, you weren't sure where they were gonna go with their rhymes; to rise and raise up some dope all social issue that you hadn't thought of, or pull a gun and blow your head off. I think that is where Hip Hop was its most dangerous. Maybe that is where my struggle with Hip Hop is at the moment... you have these super-smart college-conscious types, or the super-ignorant idiot massive, and nothing in between. Where's the rasta with a trigger finger at nowadays?

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