Monday, May 23, 2011

Beyonce, Drake, and Diplo... oh my! (feat. Indie Rock, Dubstep, and TVOTR)

oh my oh my... after all eyes are on Beyoncé, her Billboard Music Awards performance last night, and that Diplo Pon de Floor sampling shit song Run The World running the video-waves right about now.  It seems that this lady run tings... One of my favorite music magazines Fader posted up "Till the End of Time" apparently produced, purposefully this time, by Diplo. The post by Fader connects this piece with Drake's "Money Dreams Can Buy", and Indie/Post-Dubstep producer Jai Paul, through a sample from Paul's song "BTSU"

What I'm digging is the connections across Dubstep, Indie Rock, Pop Soul, and Dance in this weird trajectory and mashup of individuals from so many different scenes... transnationalism all over the place. As you know, one of my favorite things to do on this blog is to draw connections across genres, nations, and identities in this new-school crossover mashup cut/n/paste 2.0 thing... It may not matter to you, but border-crossing is something of an interest to me.

So, here are the songs below to show you the connects.. One final plot twist is how much "Till the End of Time" sounds like TV On the Radio's (another Indie band) which I threw at the bottom.... happy connecting ya'll...

Level 1: The Indie Post-Dubstep original...

Level 2: Taking the sample to a Rap audience via Drake

Level 3: Diplo takes the same sample, speeds it up and throws up some marching drums and horns to the mix... I'd post a vid, but apparently there are some copyright things gwan... but check the Fader post above for the mp3, or the defpenradio link.

AND plot twist... putting the Indie spin on all this...

phew!!! I'm done!!

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