Monday, July 4, 2011

Poem - "Celebrating my Independence Day"

Today, I’m celebrating my Independence Day…

By remembering an argument I had with this guy sophomore year
He told me people of color could not be racists
He’s an idiot

By remembering the look on my girl’s face when I played her my track
She told me “it is nice”
She didn’t like it

By remembering getting high with my buddy and making beats using a stolen sample CD
We made five tracks
We thought it was dope

By remembering unemployed debaucheries on late Tuesday nights
I said yes to a lot of things
I got in trouble

By thinking of those who do, who write, who paint, who speak
By thinking of the moments of nirvana during the most carnal of events
By thinking of the critics, the thinkers, and students who teach me independence

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