Wednesday, August 31, 2011

$50 Beats for Rappers - "Recharged Riddim" by illselection aka me

$50 Loops for Rappers - Recharged riddim (320) by ill.selection

So, here is a bright approach to what I would consider to be a Hip Hop instrumental of sorts. I've been dazzled by the beauty of music at the moment. And, my new job with youth has influenced me to return to Hip Hop as a source. I am both excited and scared of creating Hip Hop as its pretty much been done for the last 40 years, and there are so many great producers, known and unknown, that my self-esteem as a producer is tested.

The intent of the track was to produce some bright airy sounds swishing around while the drums keep a steady pulse along the way. I would say my mixdowns need work as I push bass volumes to levels that drown out other sounds... I need to work on that. But, I can also just say its Hip Hop Chillwave and see how that flies. Anywho, I like it this way, rough in the mixdown and using snares that are not normally used in the lexicon of Hip Hop drum kits. I consider this my practice beat as my goal this year is to not linger too long on music, but just produce produce produce... in hopes my production muscle is worked out and I can have a sense of accomplishment, risking repetitiveness and time to explore production tools.

But alas, its always gonna be a journey, might as well try to find shortcuts along the way.

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