Monday, November 7, 2011

American Pupusa Music Playlist - Nov 7, 2011

 I've been going down memory lane this week, as my birthday came and went, and I am now in a new demographic bracket! So, I've been looking to the past for musical inspiration, as well as reworks and forward thinking from the now...

I am highly impressed with Ghe2o Goth1k and the chop up sloppiness of Venus X.. They bring a fresh intersection of goth, bass, hip hop, and punk that makes me imagine what Mudd Club and other hallowed spaces could've been like. The remix album from King Midas Sound does a good job in bringing the Indie producers such as Hype Williams and Nite Jewel alongside tru-school bass heads without sounding out of place or choppy.. showing how the lines are blurred all along. I'm particularly impressed with the Kuedo remix of Goodbye Girl, as I wasn't too impressed with his solo (too spacey for me), so he redeemed himself. In Hip Hop, I'm REALLY feeling that spacial, airy, open-air production vibes from Aarabmuzik, Baths, Clams Casino, et. all.. ASAP Rocky's Peso totally flexes in that direction! And, for the first time, I'm promoting a soundcloud track by somebody named Fista Cuffs, the track is on that mid-range bassey thing that just about EVERYONE is one, but its fresh as it brings on that chunky 3ball Mexican Ranchero stomp that i'm kinda vibing with lately. Finally, I was on a David Bowie/Krautrock and 80s Post-Punky/New Wave tip... enjoy!

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