Monday, November 7, 2011

Video of "El Freaky" and my thoughts on nu-skool sampling.

A great glimpse of the beautiful now that is taking place in Latin American DJ/Dance/Bass culture. El Freaky's take on the past and the present and future is of an overlap and constant "now" that you can see with all the wonderful sounds from Columbia, Argentina, and the U.S. (which IS a Latin American nation). Old and new are less distant, and feed into each other in a new space.
This varies quite a lot to the old school "excavation" style of 80s and 80s Hip Hop, House, Rave culture. In that era, samples were taken and placed on newer noise, riddim, and space... creating pastiche and mosaics of sound sewn together by big pieces of yarn. But now, this new vibe from Cumbia Electronica and Tropical Bass, the old is embedded into the riddim tracks, drum patterns... the mid-range synths mimic horns, and horns are manipulated (through software) to bleed into the new synths... this morphing removes the distance of the traditional sample being "on top" of a track. This next level sampling probably began, in my opinion, with Public Enemy... DJ Shadow... maybe move it onto Girl Talk or some of the nu-skool productions like Pattern (but then I'm almost feeling like I'm reaching) but its on some other thing now. Quite refreshing. Here is El Freaky bringing Latino from Oakland Hip Hop group "Los Rakas" and blending it up... Transnational Latinidad.

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