Friday, November 25, 2011

Introducing the new "New Thing" - Vogue, Ballroom, etc...

Another manifestation of the soundsystem culture. We got the usual elements; strong speaker based sounds, danceability, chatters/toasters/rappers screaming on top, and dancing. And again, its coming from the marginal, intersectional, and hybrid identity. Rooted in the ambiguous, Black, gay, trans, inter, whatveryoucallit, this is not new, its coming from the same social space where House and Disco began. There it's southern complement, Sissy Bounce. It's also reinterpreting the "Vogue" era of the 90s with a stronger, industrial sound. Chatters scream on top of clangy-metallic beats, in the same way as Fatman Scoop or DJ Kool for instance. The dancing is elegant, with a nasty smear of skanking and BBoying... elegant sex dance. There is some element of the cypher/circle as you saw in old-school Bboying, watching this vid reminds me of seeing D.C. Beat your Feet or Chicago

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