Friday, December 30, 2011

Slate Magazine: Dubstep's Breakout Year in One Info Graphic

In Tumblr fashion, Slate Magazine shares some links and jumps about Dubstep's takeover of 2011 based on MTVs infographic of how the genre did this year. It's informative and provides enough coffee table fodder for conversations amongst hipsters and sophistos.

I still am wondering how the transition took place from the old guarde of DMZ, Chef, and all them crew, to the post-Dubstep crew to the Brostep/Mainstream/Skrillex crew... I can only trace it to Dub Police's mid-range sound, then Rusko jumping ship to the Diplo camp, and Skream and Benga's natural trajectory towards mainstream formats. But it still seems that Skrillex has no ties to all this... hmmmm... 

Anyway, as much as I didn't enjoy Dubstep this year, I'd rather have had that selling me cereal and diapers than anything else... then again, there wasn't anything else besides Dubstep this year.

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