Friday, March 30, 2012

AmericanPupusa Soundsystem Showcase at Gala Hispanic Theatre - April 13th and 14th

I'm very honored to take part in "Occupy Gala" an artist showcase taking place in Washington D.C. April 13th and 14th. It is being put together by local hero Quique Aviles, with the idea of providing a space for provocative expression about the political and social realities from musicians, painters, writers, producers and DJs. I was asked to present my music, so here I am, putting together DJ sets, tracklists and concepts for my "AmericanPupusa Soundsystem Showcase"

My sets will present the power of soundsystem music. From Baile Funk to Hip Hop, soundsystem culture has been one of the most sacred spaces where carnality, spirituality, escapism, and reality meet. It is the space where music is chopped up, breakers defy gravity, poor people have gala dance parties, and battling and showmanship strive to entertain and relax rather than destroy.

I shall host a "Lounge" affair at early on, where I will present the latest and greatest in nu-skool Latino and Tropical Bass music, highligting the truth that we are current producers of culture. After 9pm there will be a rooftop with music curated by myself featuring 20 minute mixes of various soundsystem genres; representing commonalities and differences.

In the end, I hope to show that social commentary can be made without words. The ability for oppressed and poor folk to utilize technology in new ways, create atmosphere of dread and hope, communal participation between performers and audience, are all ways to say "fuck you." We can be depressed, but we can dance. We may have been shitted on by ignorant, racist, bastards... but fuck you... we soundclash, we battle, we windmill, we dance, we chat, we rhyme, and push your heart with our bass.

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