Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Worldwide - Graf, Tags, and Hip Hop from Germany, Switzerland, and between

I spent ten days in Basel, Switzerland and Wiesdbaden, Germany; visiting and taking in the touristy and "normal" life. I ate my share of snitzel, brotwurst, and plenty of beer. Along this path, I came upon dozens of tags and grafs in neighborhoods, train and bus stations, farms, roads, bridges, and so forth. By now, I'm sure Hip Hop tags can be found everywhere... but it struck me peculiar when it was like... I dunno... next to some old house built in 1468.

Tagging is not exclusive to Hip Hop, but the majority of the styles drew from it. I didn't see an overbombardment of tags, except near the skate shop in downtown Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden is actually an "uppity" city 40 minutes from the more bustling Frankfurt, making it more unique). Where kids would ride their boards at night drinking from liqour bottles. Otherwise, the tags and grafs were pretty spread out from one another... all quite visible, and no sign of competition or tagging over. It seemed quite civil.

I took a bunch of pics and want to share. I went to the skate shop and asked what were some German Hip Hop artits worth checking. The guy behind the counter mentioned a friend of his, and this other cat who apparently is quite big. So, I have those here for your listening pleasure while you check the pictures. BTW, I chose to not panorama the grafs cause I want to show you the context in where some of these were done... enjoy

oh yeah, all pics were taken by me... if some are blurry, it's caue i took them on a train going 200km per hour... sekkle! and copyright 2012

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