Thursday, May 22, 2008

ill.selection featured on Expansion Broadcast Radio

Large up to RickyRicardo for putting two of my tunes on his latest radio show last Friday. To check my tunes in the mix, go to their site. Or, look it up on iTunes. Its episode 83 part 3.

"No Vocal Refix" appears (and rewound!!!) at 10:24 on the broadcast and "Dread Stomp" comes in at 30:38.

The set overall was great, I'm happy that folks such as RickyRicardo are supporting local producers. This is a big milestone for me to hear my songs being mixed next to Skream's "Chestboxing" and "Haunted" by Digital Mystikz.

Thank you's goes out to my friends/crew and supporters all around. Big up RickyRicardo, Harry Ransom, Heider, Whizeguy, and JoeNice for being here... helping me to bring my skills up, and putting DC/b-More on the map... lets do this!!


Track Listing

Benga - "Still Rocking" - Big Apple
Mundo - "I Stand Rasta" - Dub Assembly
Skream - "Chest Boxing" - Tempa
Ill Selection - "No Refix" - Dub
RSD - "Kingfisher" - Earwax
Conquest - "Dub Breaks" - Anti Social Ent.
Ramadanman - "Every Next Day" - Soul Jazz
Caspa - "Velvet Rooms" - Sub Soldiers
Loefah - "Truly Dread" - Tempa
Ill Selection - "Dread Stomp" - Dub
Digital Mystiks - "Haunted" - DMZ
Cotti Cluekid - "The Legacy" - 30 Records
Distance - "Battle Sequence" - Chestplate
Darqwan - "Rob 17" - Texture
Loefah - "Disco Rekkah" - Deep Medi
Wonder - "What" - Dump Valve

Aquanote - Nowhere (Crazy P's Heatwave Mix)

Jammin/Zinc mini-mix:

Jammin - "Tonka" - Bingo
Jammin - "Go DJ" - Bingo
Zinc - "Woah!" - Running
Jammin - "Kinda Funky" - Bingo
Jammin - "Hello" - Bingo
Zinc - "138 Trek VIP" - White
Zinc - "Firing Time" - Runnin