Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hip Hop that I hope for... Up-and-coming and regular...

Here is a list of newer and clever hip-hop artists that I'd like to see more of... they are on their way up, or pretty much are inna good spot... this is new school talent that makes me believe that Hip-Hop is not dead... if you have more to add or suggest, hit a brother up.

Flying Lotus
Jay Electronica
Cadence Weapon

Now here is list of "Regular School" Hip Hop artists that are mainstream, and get play, that I think keep Hip Hop alive... my thing with these cats is that they've been around too long and its time for a change... I mean, when people are sweating Common as a new thing just cause he did "BE" with Kanye a few years back, just shows you how much people forget... Common is old!! He's been around for a minute... and most of these other people have been too...

The Roots
Jean Grae
Ghostface Killah
Mos Def
Talib Kweli
Little Brother
DJ Jazzy Jeff
J Dilla

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