Monday, May 12, 2008

Massive update.... Whats BEEN in my box!!

Wow... yes, its been a whole lotta minutes since I've touched down on this jonx... so what the hell have I've been doing, into, etec... here is a quick recap... why do you need to know you ask? Who knows

1. Work life: finishing monograph, dealing with first 'boss' issues (she comes at you like a lion on the safari), went to Houston for American Association of Blacks In Higher Education Conference (got a free Cohiba, met random dude who I think was 'un gay' LOL!! as well as saw some hot older Black women)

*disclaimer* my generalist crush on older Black women happens to come from the goddess of older black women, Claire Huxtable!!! Since then, awww... I melt!!! LOL

OK, then I went to Denver for a REAL good conference on Diversity... hung out with this cool ass director, and met a great staff and community... and then I saw my other crush... hot sophisto Latina women!!

*disclaimer 2* To be quite honest, the Latinas I met in Denver were absolutely beautiful!! No joke!! I swear to God, if nothing pops here, I'm moving there and marrying ANY OF THEM!! LOL

2. Personal life: Well, quite honest, its been rather hard to meet folks these days... hanging out with friends here and there, thank God I have music to keep me alive and normal, otherwise, I seriously would be in a state of depression.

Music is well, I'm getting into my full groove, sent out my first 15 tracks to RickyRicardo (cool ass dude BTW) and hoping for feedback. to be honest, most of those tracks were a bit old, and so I don't think they represent my 'mode' at present, but i felt they needed to get out there.

biking has become my life....

Also, I'm trying to be cool about women... I've realized that I come on too strong and i'm learning how to pull back and just be normal. I hope it pays off... BTW, I like eating ice-cream and going on bike rides, random banter is nice and I don't mind showing me the stars through a telescope one day... heh heh heh... oh yeah, trail mix from Trader Joes is actually quite tasty.

*disclaimer 3* I'm actually in a good place that I feel I can provide a mature and fun vibe, no more juegos... for real, that shit is done and done...

i had a good time with moms and grandma on Mothers Day...

My heart and soul goes out to my godfamily. I love Rafael with all my heart and I'm upset/sad that he has to go that way. I don't get it, he has done nothing but good for his fam. My heart goes out to them... I plan on visiting to say goodbye.

So you see, shits been busy, but yet I'm feeling kinda lonely and empty...

Whats in My Box

Movies: "Hustle and Flow", "Talk to Me"
Music: My own beats, Bloggarythms Podcast, Mary Anne Hobbs radio show, Logan Sama's Oneway Style, and pretty much Grime is on the come up in my world. Other than that... downloading Post-Punk (Interpol, Mission of Burma, etc) Its weird that my ipod is all rocked out, but my life and vibe is all beats and dub... oh well... BUT I did download a good set of hip hop from Flying Lotus, Dabrye, Diverse, and Cadance Weapon, them dudes are fucking fire...

So there it is... much love and respect to you all!!!

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