Monday, September 15, 2008

Selected Classics: Jungle Mix

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Limb by Limb (DJ SS Rmx) - Cutty Ranks
R-Type - Jo-E
Gangsta (OJ Mix) - Trinity
The Licence - DJ Krome & Mr. Time
World of Music - Dred Bass
The Way (Shadow VIP Mix) - DJ Tatix
Warning (Powder Mix) Firefox and 4Tee
Intelligent Woman - DJ Rap
Now that You're Gone - Loggi
Studio 1 Lik - DJ Krome & Mr. Time
Roll On - Andy C
Rolliage - DJ SS
Original Nuttah - Shy FX feat. UK Apachi
Cause 'n Effect - Dark Stranger
R.I.P. - Remarc
The Lighter - Sound of the Future
Surrender - M Beat
Change (Remix) - Lemon D
London's Most Wanted - Ray Keith
Hearing is Believing - MA2/DJ SS
The Burial - Leviticus
Cannan Land - DJ Ron
Lonely - D'Cruz

This set means a lot to me. Jungle pretty much opened my consciousness to the possibilities of music, art, and urban culture. It was the next logical progression in sampling, cut n' paste soundsystem culture that began with Reggae and Hip Hop.

Growing up in the Golden Age, Hip Hop was a social force not only because it gave voice to the voiceless, but it also showed how noise, scratching, cut up samples, incomplete sounds can be reorganized to a entire new format that was greater than the sum of its parts. Scratching manipulated machinery and sound, breaking defied physics and endurance, graffiti made the written word kinetic through design and placement on trains, and MCing reappropriated language. These elements created gods out of the poor, the disenfranchised, and the oppressed. To manipulate language, physics, sounds, and words made you a creator and revolutionary in counter-culture.

Jungle took this blueprint and created its own space that removed itself from "Rave" and opened itself for other marginalized folks. It gave Black British youth something to call their own... it opened up so many musical directions that are still felt today. Few records ever make me physically shiver... Track 1 of "Jungle Mania" - Original Nuttah by Shy FX did just that. Its Cypress Hill sirens, Goodfellas sample, and Reggae toast resonated with my hip hop esthetic, but when that bass and break dropped... WWOOOOSSHHH.. Mountains were moved.

So here you are.. a tribute to probably my final musical savior.

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