Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three months later and what have I been doing??? Watching "Samurai Champloo"

So yes, its been about three months... and no, this isn't the only thing that I've been up to.. but its been one of the coolest things I've checked out lately.

I'm generally pretty late when it comes to stuff like this, but I'm glad I did check out the series. Its blend of hip-hop aesthetic alongside Japanese history and modern topics (I was really impressed with the inclusion of a gay character in the script who was treated quite well) gave this a sophistication that shined above all other shows.

I also feel the fact that they use hip hop not only in music or graffiti in opening credit sequences, but in episodes itself, such as the graf crew that takes over Jin's old dojo. Techniques like that pretty much follow what Hip-Hop was all about early on, "bringing the funk" and the old school back in a new school way. This works directly in my own vibe...

so check it.. and welcome me back snitches!!!

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