Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Poem for Tia Rosa"

I don’t know why the rain didn’t come yesterday

Yesterday was a beautiful day
The sun moving in and out of clouds
Giving us a loving warmth each time she was open and free

The light breeze touched our skin like a tease, letting us know she was there amongst us, only to leave us right when we began to appreciate her.

Yesterday was a beautiful day
Yet, her air was dry
Warmth too harsh for some

Her harsh warmth made you walk away from home, making you believe it was your cousin, your mom’s fault…

So the rain is here today, and yesterday is gone
All this water could have saved her

A little too late for some,
Just in time for others,

In the end the rain came on time…
… never has water been so precious to me...

Only if she could have mustered enough strength to let the rain in, to let it wash away the fire.

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