Thursday, June 25, 2009

"To my Latino Higher Education Professionals"

"ahem, ahem"

Wear your brown garments with pride!
Tighten that brown tie made with shiny silk
Straighten that pretty skirt with beige trim
Wear your brown guayaberas, sashes, and gowns "con orgullo"

I want to see you strut like the Emperor and Empress you are!
Looking upon everyone, showing off your scratches and bruises
Citing your wisdom and sage that can be seen on page 456b of this month's journal
Be that King and Queen that you are, for all of us to see in awe.

I also want to see you strut!
I want to see you speak and act as that Empress you wish to be
Pass laws, give decrees, and make bold statements for sheep to follow you

Act like every other Emperor I've seen!
Oppress, impart, impose, impede on the gifts and contributions of others
Forget my name, forget my story, forget it all, but revel in your own
The language, the walk, the words you speak are just like every other King or Queen


I, and the rest of us, notice your brown shoes lost their shine,
You walk in front of me naked like the day you were born
I see nothing but your strut, your 'position', and your merits
And your brown clothes are all but disappeared…

In the end, you wear your invisible clothes pretty well my friend
Your badges and symbols of credibility cannot be seen
All I see is you… naked, like the day you were born
Frankly, it is sad to see you walk like a King, the walk of power, the walk of conceit and self

Me? I am perfectly fine standing here, not moving, with the rest of the town all around me…
Looking at you walk (to your Ivory Tower) away from us... normal folk

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