Saturday, December 5, 2009

A London Some'ting dis - Jungle documentary (1993)

I want to share this great documentary on Jungle, which is defined as a hybrid of Techno, House, Hip Hop and Reggae.. bringing forth a brand new sound felt 15 years later with Dubstep, Grime, etc. I truly appreciate this doc above all others as it truly captures the ability of urban Britain to make a new sound from seemingly disparate sources. As a Latino, this resonates strongly with me as I grew up from a cultural Mestizaje of African, Iberian, and Indigenous American nations. As a B-Boy, this resonates strongly with me as Hip Hop was a reframing of Jamaican soundsystem culture where the chatting, soundclash, and dubplate culture was translated with Funk, R&B, and Disco music. The great thing was that Jungle and Hip Hop were both then released to the rest of the world as musics EVERYONE can move and groove to. Creating a bridge across differences through hybridity.

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