Friday, January 29, 2010

Cooly G - XLR8R Podcast

Oh my oh my oh my... I'm bobbin my head as I type this! There is this new thing gwan' in the UK dance music scene. Its this place where Dubstep, Funky, House, and Garage are all meeting in the middle somewhere. And its sound absolutely gorgeous. I'll post a list of who is who and what is what on this "wot you call it?" Funkstep loveliness... In the end, its polyrythmic, dubby, skippy, syncopated, and innovative... pushing and pushing with interesting ideas.

Amongst the gorgeousness is Cooly G and she drops a mix for XLR8R podcast... so here you go, enjoy and happy head bobbing!

XLR8R Link with info and additional links here
Direct MP3 download here

01 Cooly G "Intro"
02 Cooly G/DVA "Ol' Dirty"
03 DJ Gregory "Traffic"
04 T Williams "Hardcash"
05 Zander Hardy (exclusive)
06 Ben Westbeech & T. Williams (exclusive)
07 Martyn "Megadrive"
08 Artist Unknown "Glow"
09 O.B "ER"
10 Artist Unknown "Get Slapped Up"
11 Artist Unknown "Gain"
12 Artist Unknown "Dougsanna"
13 DJ Gregory "Work Me"
14 Sami Sanchez "Air Raid"
15 MA1 "Samurai Remix"
16 Wbeeza "Deep Underground"
17 Bowly (exclusive)
18 Major Notes "Friend of Mine Dub"

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