Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LatiNegr@s Project - Celebrating the Afro-Latino experience for Black History Month

A great project to recognize the wide scope and range of the Afro-Latino diaspora. I am grateful to have been asked to contribute, and so I wanted to share and make the opportunity a communal experience for all of us. Bianca Laureano is organizing this and you can also follow along on her blog Latino Sexuality

"We are seeking to compliment curriculum/celebrations/rituals/etc. surrounding Black History Month to include the histories, experiences, and contributions of LatiNegr@s/Afro-Latinos/Afro-CaribeƱos."

Here is the goal of the project:

"As the formal US focus on Black History Month (February 1-28/9) is upon us we seek to celebrate all of the peoples who have influence and history via the African Diasporas. Expanding the inclusively of Black History Month is a goal for several of us, self-identified LatiNeg@s, Afro-Latinos and Afro-CaribeƱos. As people who recognize and claim the African heritage and history, we have often been excluded from US History, whether it be Black history or Latino history (Septermber 15-October 15). Join us in honoring and recognizing LatiNegr@s this year during Black and Latino History Month. We are Black, Latino and from the Caribbean. We REPRESENT!"

Please share any images, videos, quotes, websites, links etc. you'd like to include on this page. Go to http://lati-negros.tumblr.com/submit to submit what you'd like to contribute."

We have created a tumblr page where people can submit whatever they like in the format of video, quotes, links, fotos, text of their perspective/ideas of LatiNegr@s. The main page is: http://lati-negros.tumblr.com/ The submission page is: http://lati-negros.tumblr.com/submit

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