Friday, January 8, 2010

War Music

I woke up upset and angry that we are in two wars when our grand ol' Prez promised us no more. I'm upset that I'm upset and I wanted to share protest/anti/complication/instrumental War related music.

I think this was done at the beginning fo the second Iraq War. My personal fav of the list.


While not 'War' perse... Erykah is a genius for connecting the dots in such a dexterous way.

Another anti-Bush track also produced by DJ Shadow... nice use of bright sounds.

Dub anti-war for 2006 in the form of Dubstep, its this complement of lyrics with sound and effects that makes me love instrumental DJ music.

Beautiful sample for its simplicity. This is where we get into the head-games involved with war and violence and paranoia. Well done!

Paranoia and Armageddon from the mind of the powers that be.

Another head-game track from a more literal, yet fantastic, approach. RA the Rugged Man carries this tune and TRULY breaks it down. His pops was a war vet.

Sense of constraint and being forced into war, the prison complex that forces you into another one.

I dunno. She came to fame with her embrace and exposition of violence and war in a different lens. Yet, her celebrity status and physical disconnection to such features makes me question her. Her daddy was connected to the Tamil Tigers I believe. So, I dedicate this one to folks who have an opinion on war from books and articles and not feeling it in their hearts and souls.

War has a lot of meanings in Reggae and Dub. There is the obvious connections from Rastafarianism. But again, soundsystem culture also took on "War" and "Burial" and "Killing Soundboy" as well.

I had to put another Tubby tune. This one has a literal layering of gunfire and war over a remixed track. The complement of groove and battle makes this relentless and consistent. An unfortunate reality as war never really ends, it just takes breaks.

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La Bianca said...

yo! i LOVE me some b.o.b. by outkast. for shame it's STILL not being played on the radio.