Monday, January 18, 2010

While a bit late, here is a list of the top UK Funky Tracks of 2009 by "It's a UK Funky Movement". UK Funky has shocked British dance music in the last couple of years, particularly Dubstep and Grime. Forward thinking producers have taken the syncopated shuffle, the 130 BPM, and other elements of the genre to different directions (check out my own 2009 list for some of the more forward moving examples from Funky, Grime, and Dubstep productions.

This list here hosts more of the 'standard' of UK Funky, the mainstream stuff that gets clubs going and pretty much down the middle. There are certain tracks here with elements of innovation thorough lyrics, ability to generate hype, or add some percussive or synth tricks to throw you off, that can be of interest to more experimental producers such as Scratcha DVA, Cooly G, Roska, and so forth.

So, its good to see the 'center' and compare to the pushing-forward stuff that I usually present.. and trust, if I were at a club I'd love to hear this all night long. My Fave.... "Frontline" by Princess Nyah, "Party Hard" by Daneo, and "Sexy Sexy" By Natalie May

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