Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Bass Without Borders" has moved here...

Sorry for the trouble folks, but I ran out of space on my Soundcloud and had to make moves to send my whopping latest mix "Bass Without Borders" to another site... sooo... if you're into some global bass yum yum... download the link here... and if you want to know the specifcs of the mix, check the post below!

La Verdolaga - Dj Javier Estrada
Que Que - Diplo & Dillon Francis (Alvaro RMX)   
Mis Armas - Sazon Booya
Bambata - Dembowsky (Di Di Di DJ Edit)   
Pachamama - Chancha Vía Circuito feat. Poeta Inka
Rolling Stone - The Weeknd (Heartbreak RMX) 
You - Creep Intl feat. Nina Sky (Star Eyes & Jubilee RMX)   
Shawty - Teeth
Club Stranger- Jhene Aiko (Nguzunguzu RMX)   
Shottas - Munchi feat. Mr. Lexx (Nguzunguzu RMX)   
Me Batem - DJ Znobia
Skrilla - Sam Walton
Lola - Mix 6.2 - Maluca
Nigeria What? - Debruit
Mamajuana - Munchi
Through the shadows - STLKRFXXX

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