Monday, October 3, 2011

illselection presents "Bass Without Borders Mix" (fixed)

"Summer 2011 Soundsystem Essentials," was well liked because it provided a populist/popular approach to soundsysem musics from around the world. I appreciate the love it got...

As a result, my nonconformity told me this mix is a bit more, hmmm, avant garde...

"Bass Without Borders" is a showcase of soundsystem genres and the connections between. More so, the mix features tracks that push the line of experimentation, progression, and future where it becomes danceable art. Producers run the fine line between creating music that speaks to the ass and to the brain. A lot of the mix is suuuper danceable... but a lot of it draws from sources and ideas that are extremely progressive and avant. It's the "alt" to dancefloor ready soundsystem music... you're warned.

To download, click the down arrow button on the right side of the soundcloud player.

La Verdolaga - Dj Javier Estrada
Que Que - Diplo & Dillon Francis (Alvaro RMX)   
Mis Armas - Sazon Booya
Bambata - Dembowsky (Di Di Di DJ Edit)   
Pachamama - Chancha Vía Circuito feat. Poeta Inka
Rolling Stone - The Weeknd (Heartbreak RMX) 
You - Creep Intl feat. Nina Sky (Star Eyes & Jubilee RMX)   
Shawty - Teeth
Club Stranger- Jhene Aiko (Nguzunguzu RMX)   
Shottas - Munchi feat. Mr. Lexx (Nguzunguzu RMX)   
Me Batem - DJ Znobia
Skrilla - Sam Walton
Lola - Mix 6.2 - Maluca
Nigeria What? - Debruit
Mamajuana - Munchi
Through the shadows - STLKRFXXX

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