Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AmericanPupusa Soundsystem Broadcast #1

Totally excited to share my first radioshow broadcast deal! This will be a great way to stay connected with all of you and home my skills on the decks. I hope you enjoy. If you have sec, provide me feedback, and more importantly, share the show with your friends!

The first half is a grab-bag of tunes I’m feeling. Tunes by MC Lyte, Cham, Uproot Andy and so forth .The last half of the show is me inside the mix! Tracklistings below. This way, if you don’t want to hear me chat, you can just fast-forward to the mix. The second half is me making a bunch of mistakes in an attempt to spin you a 40 minute mix of Global and Tropical Bass tunes. Don’t worry folks, I’ll get better!!

You can stream the show on my mixcloud, or download using the link below… happy listening!

Right-click and download show here!
 control-click for Mac
*apologies for the low volume of the recording, I'll make sure to fix that... in the meantime, just play the thing real loud.

August 8, 2012 – Props to the ladies!

Rap Maya – Ondatropica
Muevelo – Eric Bobo feat. Outhere, Minus P, and Unknown)
Amen – Meek Mills feat. Drake
Licorice – Azealia Banks
Kickin’ it for Brooklyn – MC Lyte
Think – Lyn Collins
Pose Off – Red Fox and Screechie Don
52 Girls – B-52s
Shuffle a Dream – Little Dragon

Ill.selecta mix

Yo Soy El Control – Mashupeo
Abrazame – Los Rakas feat. Favi (Uproot Andy Refix)
Wine – Cham
Proxy – Diplo (fix between Cham and Diplo)
Ao Som Do Tamborzao (sonora remix)- Zuzuka Poderosa
Policarpo Calles - Mi Vallenata (Javier Estrada Remix)
Bangkok (Roska Remix) - Boris Dlugosch
Citrus (Don’t Get Lemon) – Tickles
Somos Mayas – Javier Estrada
Shawty Swing – Solly
Bootleg – Remji
Go Shorty – Hypno
Get Out of My Head (Joker Remix) - Redlight

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I really enjoyed to listen you song. Nice blog post. I can download all song here. Thanks.