Friday, August 24, 2012

The 80s as presented by ill.selecta - AmericanPupusa Broadcast #2!!!

For this episode, I wanted to pull together music that was separate (stupid racism) at the time of their airplay in the 80s. My hope is to show how the music - no matter White, Black, or Latino - were actually quite similar in their search for outer-worldly escapist vibes… Clean funky synths mixed up with drum machines and vocodoers to make the music as plastic and out there as possible. Much of it was still playing with pop styles, which made it quite digestible and danceable. As you see, I stuck mostly on the NYC Downtown Electro/New Wave/Hip Hop vibe, so my dream is Jean-Michel Basquiat would groove to this! Enjoy and check the soundcloud player for download or stream!

Part 1: Ummixed… boring chat and eccentric beats!

Get Into the Groove – Madonna
The Beat – ESG
Need You Tonight – Inxs
Show Em’ Whatcha Got – Public Enemy
Tribe Vibes – Jungle Brothers
I would Die for You – Prince
Computer Love – Zapp
White Mice – Mo-Dettes
Once In a Lifetime – Talking Heads
Pay to Cum – Bad Brains

Part 2: The mix!!!!
Electro, Funk, New Wave, House, Techno and Freestyle for your Jelly Shoes!

I can’t wait – Nu Shooz
Genius of Love – Tom Tom Club
Safety Dance – Men Without Hats
Everybody Get Up – Salt N’ Pepa
Because I got it like that (instrumental) – Jungle Brothers
Set it Off – Strafe
I Saw You (Walking in the Rain) – Oran “Juice” Jones
Let the Music Play – Shannon
Obsession - Animotion
Don’t you Want Me – Human League
Situation – Yaz
Rain Forest – Paul Hardcastle
Fantasy – Frankie Knuckles
Don’t Stop the Rock – Freestyle
No Way Back – Adonis
Strings – Derrick May

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