Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How a good conversation goes bad...

So this may not mean anything to anyone, but my bud and I have these really interesting conversations that usually start off quite good and grounded in reality and end up being these fantastic explorations of silliness that go way out of hand... In this capacity, we've been on smoke breaks and made whole feature films before our friends' eyes, we play out TV episodes, we freestyle, and do all sorts of things... so here is a typical example of how dumb we get over an I.M. conversation during work... only friends can do this shit... Remember... we start good and it all goes downhill LOL!!

Deddisun: where's geno's and pat's
me: off of south street
not on southpers
don't eat there
thats wack
Deddisun: she's asking me man
me: tell herrrrr..
Deddisun: ishka's and that place on the korner
me: Jim's
Deddisun: yeah
that place always smelled good as shit
me: word
Deddisun: all i know is one of them joints was racit
me: I think pats or genos
Deddisun: yeah
me: oh yeah
my friend went to Pats
and they kept ignoring her
she was asian
or is
still is
last I checked
Deddisun: LOL
racist steak mongers man
me: everyone knows that steak people ar racist!!!
Deddisun: LMAO
me: thats why I hate steak people
I'm steak-ist
ha hah a
Deddisun: hahaha
just put some grilled onions, steak, and cheez whiz on my shit without the tude bitches
me: LMAO!!!!
yeah... cheeze wizzz my shit ya fuckin racist steak biiottch
Deddisun: LMAO
Deddisun: wizz and onion my shit ya fuckin prick racist cock sucker
me: LOL
"git dat shiiit outta here aahh, lookin' atcha face makes me friggin naucious"
Deddisun: LOL
"ya don't get outta here soon...imma add another sauce to your steak"
me: (I soo need to update our IM's for my blog}
Deddisun: LMAO
do it
me: you took it there man!!!
me: Alright
I will...
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